Solar Authority Hawaii

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Why Solar Authority LLC?

There are a list’s of reason why you should go green with Solar Authority LLC.

Here are the TOP 5:

1) Customer service is our top priority.

2) We have low overhead to bring you better prices and better selection.

3) We are ground in our unequal core principles of quality, safety, service and consistency.

4) We take care of everything, including permits, design, installation and all paper work.

5) Our knowledgeable and courteous staff are committed in building a customized solar system for your home.



With Hawaii’s rising gas and electric prices on all the islands; now is a good time to think about investing in solar power.

Solar power energy is clean, efficient, and cost effective. Save money on your monthly electric bill and get tax credits every year.

Ensure a bigger and brighter future for our Aina and our Keikis by making the decision to go green.

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